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Welcome to the Forex Tools section here at Forex Rates! Whether you're looking for forex pivot points in the standard pivot format or some of the others like Fibonacci, Camarilla, Woodie, etc you will find the tables in this section. We've also built a handy forex calculator, so you can input your own FX data to calculate standard forex pivot points. Other features in this section include the forex forecast from leading Forex trading company Easy Forex.

Forex Pivot Points

Forex pivot points are price levels used by forex traders to help gauge market movement. See basic forex pivot points here or alternatively see Fibonacci Pivots, Camarilla Pivots and Woodie's Pivots. Demarks pivots coming soon to

Forex Calulator

We have developed a simple forex calculator to enable you to derive your own set of pivot points for any forex data you may have. Simply input the close, low and high for that period and click calculate. Click here to see the forex calculator.

Forex Forecast

The forex forecast is provided by leading forex trading company Easy Forex and is updated daily. Visit the forex forecast here.

Forex Calender

Should you be trading by eceonomic news or other regular announcements then this forex calender should prove invaluable. This is the best we could find, provided by Forex Pros and updated regularly. See it now.

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